love is in the details  

Below is a reminder of what to have with you when I arrive on your big day!

Pro Tips: 

- Ask your florist for loose flowers for styling 

- Have all contents listed below in your shoe box for easy access 

The Items:

- TWO full invitation suites (RSVP card, Envelopes, the whole shabang!) Choose one that is addressed to someone of importance. Could even be a pet! 

- Your engagement ring and BOTH wedding bands
Your dress

- Boutonnieres (preferably all of them but at least one!) 
Your bouquet 

- Your shoes (if you aren't wearing anything super new or special, some brides have a certain pair that they just want in the photos!)

- Perfume bottle (if you have a favorite!)

- All jewelry that you're wearing on your day

- Anything of significance that you might want photographed


- Styling Board 
- A pretty hanger for your dress
- Ring Boxes and other styling materials to make your details really shine. You deserve the best! 

the first hour of the day is for your pretty little details